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Pertinent facts for British Seagull Owners

In 1979 substantial modifications were made in British Seagull engines. These engines are identifiable by their gas tank. Engines prior to 1979 have black tanks.

Your British Seagull will give you many years of reliable service, if you follow these 8 points.

  • Read and Follow operating instructions.
  • Best performance can be obtained with Chamption D-16, D-21

    GAP: CD Electronic ignition ("E" is first letter of serial number) - .035". Breaker point magneto ignition (black tank and some blue tank) - .020" gap (points also 0.20")
  • Don't use ready-mixed fuel. Blue tank takes 25-to-1 gas-to-oil mix (1 gallon plus 5 oz. of oil). Black tank takes 10-to-1 gas-to-oil ratio (1 gallon plus 12oz. of oil). Use 2-cycle motor oil and regular gas.
  • Fuel must be fresh and smell like gasoline. After several weeks, oil/gasoline mixture commences turning sour.
  • Water line level must be near pinch bolt. part #1313. Immersing engine deeper will result in excessive back pressure. Depth adjusting collar is available from your dealer. Engine must be vertical.
  • Secure motor to boat with safety lanyard.
  • Occasionally check oil level in gear box. Blue tank SAE 90 weight oil. All black tank and blue tank featherweight and 40 plus basic require SAE 140. Correct amount is level with filler plug with engine vertical.
  • Occasionally backflush cylinder block with fresh water applying hose at water outlet in cylinder block.


  • Unscrew tank air vent one turn.
  • Pull open fuel tap.
  • Close choke shutter. (Blue tank choke shutter may have 3/8" diameter hoe. If starting is difficult, this can be replaced with a choke shutter with 9/16" diameter hole.
  • Put gearshift lever in neutral.
  • Depress flood button on carburetor until gas bowl is full and fuel drips... this is essential.
  • Open throttle lever clockwise, featherweight and 40 pluses, as far as it will go. Centuries and Century Pluses should be started at half throttle.
  • When running, gradually open choke.